The platform for talk and engage in Web3


Talkn is the first-ever idea in web3.0, to convert your voice into crypto, the platform for talk and engage in web3, we are the first team to create and implement a sustainable working, Talk-2-Earn (T2E) model, talkn will provide an array of opportunities to users, who will be rewarded for their efforts and triumphs through a fair and sustainable reward system. 

Talkn earn capability intends to incentivize fifty (50) million users around the globe toward a web3 lifestyle, introducing them to how revolutionary the web3 can and will be, all while relying on its elements and simple UI to develop a long-lasting platform encouraging user-generated web3 content. 


Talkn is a web3 lifestyle app with inbuilt social-fi elements, talkn aims to decentralize the creators and social economy with fair rewarding all users who want to contribute or participate in our ecosystem activities, talkn is building a talking revolution and empowers the web3 economy, by simply calling, interacting, and engaging with other users or participating in our ecosystem activities users will earn our native token $TLKN.


Humans have come a long way since the early days of the internet. We've gone from a handful of simple websites to a complex web of interconnected sites, services, and devices. The next phase of the internet, known as web 3.0, promises to be even more transformative. Whereas the early internet was focused on providing information and connecting people, web 3.0 is all about using data to create new experiences and applications. as well talk-2-earn is a relativity new phenomenon that includes a variety of new products and service that rewards users for being talking, interacting, engaging, activating, posting and many more, please read our litepaper section "EXPLAINING TALK-2-Earn" for more details.


Blockchain revolution can make more prominent straightforwardness on talkn community, blockchain can help Talkn is Interacting with people in web3 via a social app, Accessibility to transit the platform in web2 to web3, the usability of products for web3 adoption, and interoperability for users owing assets on multiple blockchains, talkn has a belief that if you are a good person, and if you are motivated, encouraged and receive the right rewards, then you can become an even better person. Because good behavior when appropriately rewarded will tend to repeat, blockchain can help facilitate talkn in empowering its community, the prodcuts and solutions of web3 are completely discussed here .


TALKN will develop a Social app. One in which people are boosted for giving their very best for engaging & chilling on their wellbeing and wellness through a reasonable and supportable talk-to-earn ecosystem. Revolving around the TALKN application, members will want to earn TALKN token prizes for taking part in a scope of in-app activities, TALK-TO-EARN is set to change how we contemplate wellness by giving prompt rewards and opening a variety of alluring open doors for members. By assisting with rousing and prizing individuals for being well, Talkn is set to persuade the more than 1+ billion individuals overall who don't get sufficient activity, everyone who takes part in our ecosystem activities will earn $TLKN rewards, talkn wants to build a user base of 50,000 by the end of 2022.


TALKN is designed to be as open and accessible as a social platform. This means we've carefully considered how to ensure that everybody can fairly participate in the ecosystem without diluting rewards or causing excess NFT burden. To assist with achieving this, TALKN will give a few access courses to members: the route, nft utilities, buy products & many more features for support & participants, complete details on each subject are discussed here.



To help distinguish itself from the competition and provide the most functional, sustainable platform for talking, TALKN boasts a wide variety of features and attributes — including:

Multiple Activities

TALKN will organize multiple activities in the social app for the community, this will include competitions in which users have boosted their growth & earnings and the tasks in which users participate in social activities, This ensures anybody can begin earning rewards for their effort irrespective of their chosen activity.

Inner Zones

TALKN believes that the future of talking is social. For this reason, it will make a feature that is inner zones, which is in-app zones like groups, where people can talk, post, and engage with their mates while earning boosted rewards, these will provide endless opportunities for interactions with like-minded peoples.


TALKN understands the importance of governance, that's why we rely on the governance model, $TLKN stakers will have their say over how the platform operates, potentially including choosing which are the inner zones next, defining how rewards are distributed, choosing which activities is better for ecosystem and choosing when the next wave of NFTs becomes available, and many more possibilities.


For the more competitive users, TALKN features global leaderboards, allowing users to gauge their performance against the broader TALKN community, and push themselves to their limits. A range of attractive perks and rewards will be made available to the top-ranking TALKN users — along with the chance to secure a slot as a sponsored member.

Deflationary Tokens

In order to balance long-term sustainability with fair rewards, TALKN will make use of a variety of burn, lock and staking mechanisms as well as gradually expanding utility for the $TLKN token, combined with a controlled NFT supply will ensure that TALKN remains a rewarding hub that users can come to rely on.

More details are given out in LITEPAPER.








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Frequently, Asked

Want to know more about Talkn? Check out our frequently asked questions.

What is Talkn?

Talkn is a first ever idea in web3 to convert your voice into crypto, the platform for talk and engage in web3 also Talkn is a Web3 lifestyle app with inbuilt social-fi element's Talkn is bases on a everyday activity for most people talking: by simply calling, engaging, and interacting with other users through our social web3 platform, or participating in our ecosystem activities user will earn $TLKN, the native token of talkn, Talkn will provide an array of opportunities to users who will be awarded for their effort's and triumphs through a sustainable and fair reward system.

What is Talk-2-EARN?

Talk-to-earn is a relatively new phenomenon that includes a variety of products and services that reward users for being talking and engaging. We're a platform that provides users with rewards for keeping knowledge, unlocking an additional income stream for participating in their usual daily social life activities or taking part in specific challenges.

Who's Talkn for?

Talkn is for everyone, who wants to own, build and earn via small investments in the Web3, Talkn earn capability intends to incentivize fifty(50) of million's of users around the globe toward a web3 lifestyle, introducing them to how revolutionary the web3 will be, read Litepaper for more details.

What's Talkn Vision?

Talkn is building an ecosystem for Web3. Planning to redefine the revolution of web3 like never before. It will have a Web3 earning concept and it will empower every community member to play their role in enhancing Talkn platform.

When will the Talkn presale?

The presale will start once we end our private sale & more developments in TALKN ecosystem, Stay tuned for more updates.

When will the Talkn presale?

The presale will start once we end our private sale & more developments in TALKN ecosystem, Stay tuned for more updates.